Meet Ghita

Let’s create a world where leaders rise into greater levels of excellence, impact and contribution while they also land in their truest essence.

In my experience in living and working as an expat in fast-paced environments from Paris to Milan to New York City, I’ve felt and seen first-hand the myth that we can get more success and fulfillment simply by moving faster. What I know now is this:

High performers create their success at the expense of connection, getting supported and being seen. Having both requires slowing down, which usually involves reinventing who you know yourself to be.

My mission is to support fast-paced individuals and organizations in this reinvention.

This is not to diminish the importance and necessity of staying in forward motion and taking action to create results. It’s to say that slowing down, getting supported and enjoying life are necessary steps in unprecedented expansion towards what you really want.

The pause is precisely where you can connect to your inner wisdom.

It is where you stop hiding and meet your desires and commitment to what you truly care about. It is the access point for increased creativity and resilience, regardless of the conditions. It is where failure and discomfort become things you can breathe through. And it is where you remember you are not here to do any of this alone.

Everything you want is right here in front of you, and it’s closer than you think.

To your freedom,