Own Your Difference As A Global Leader

Want to know an effective way to increase your influence and stand out amongst your peers?

Leverage the power of your difference.

In his New York Times bestseller Pre-Suasion, Robert Cialdini, world expert on the psychology of influence, says that difference commands elevated attention and therefore provides pre-suasive leverage.

In a study he quotes where customers were asked to choose between 2 sofas, one softer and one sturdier, most customers preferred the sturdier sofa. However, when 3 other sofas, all with sturdier characteristics, were added to the mix, the softer sofa became the favorite. That’s because it stood out as distinct from the others who shared the same characteristics.

The reason I am sharing this is because as a global leader, you don’t need to engineer ways to appear distinctive, you already are different. Your unique experiences, your background, your perspectives, your way of thinking, your approach to problem solving, … they all provide you with an advantage in terms of difference.

What’s in the way of you owning your difference?

Among your many gifts, you’re also very good at fitting in. Like a chameleon, you know exactly what to do to and who you need to be to adapt to your environment and be accepted. After all, you wouldn’t have gone this far if you didn’t learn to adapt.

So you choose to fit in to get a (false) sense of belonging to a group. Maybe you stay silent in a meeting instead of speaking up, or you align on the surface with others, but deep down you disagree with them.

There you have it! What’s in the way is your default to seek approval and acceptance.

In my work with global and diverse leaders, I help them get clear on their unique leadership style, their values and what they stand for. The result is that they feel more comfortable in their skin, quit the need to fit in, and learn to present their authentic selves to the world to create a new level of results and leadership.

You being a leader in the world is different from anyone else. Own it and lead with it.